The Redwood.

The Story of One Tree’s Journey to the Top

The Redwood Book Cover (Front NEW)The Redwood is the compelling tale of plants struggling to find their roots and hold their crowns up high. As warm as Watership Down and as scathingly funny as Animal Farm, The Redwood is storytelling at its most charming. An intelligent, delightful fable with plenty of heartwood.


California is in the middle of a terrible drought. The river has dried up and the fog is thinning. Things aren’t looking good for the leafy residents of Bretton Woods. The solution? A woods-wide root network where plants can trade their sugar over great distances. But what seems like a great idea at first may have unforeseen consequences for plants at the bottom and the top.

Caught in the middle are two very different redwoods. Virens who Leans is an analyst working on the water shortage. Odin Tall is a newly sprouted sapling who dreams of standing in the canopy. Their parallel lives span generations and feature a diverse cast of colorful flora and fauna, from freeloading sorrels and industrious auks to socialist chanterelles and entrepreneurial alders.

The Redwood is available through, in eBook and paperback.

“Located in the Lesser known parts of Humboldt State Park, east of Highway 101, Bretton Woods was an old-growth forest, the kind that is lost to time. Their creek was Belford Creek, which ran perpendicular to the Eel River and divided the woods neatly in half. Or as neatly as a creek could.”













Bretton Woods