For the Next School Shooting in the United States


You hasten to campus just after first.

Tardies sidle indoors like roaches under stoves.

Each room is the first cupboard you search

that never has what you’re looking for

an assortment of small details that

never get sorted, the wrong screwdriver

and creased baggie of nails, some hard candy

and sundry batteries that might still be good

but probably you’ll never find out.

There is an answer to every question

and if you get it wrong, if you haven’t

got it right, it will get you. And you. And you.

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Letter to the Kurds


To Kurdish peoples of undisclosed lands

that were yours by right of blood, the kind

that flows and the kind that spills out.

I write as someone who matters nothing.

Those are the ones who will tell you the truth.

The others will tell you the opportunity

just wasn’t there yet. You had no idea

liberty took so long, not when it rode in

on the foaming Gulf, screaming across

the dusty skies of sun-baked Kuwait.

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