Reality TV Romance


They live so quickly, myself not as fast.

They fasten no valve on emotion.

Nor am I able to either at times.

Nor do either of us know what we are.

The difference must be the sense we have

of ourselves as one of two kinds, subject

or object, the one acting out who they are,

the other not believing they’re acting at all. Continue reading “Reality TV Romance”



On here cause I’ve been told

I can’t be a power couple

without another person.

Whoever said Asian girls

can’t dance never met me.







Brat & Professional Crybaby.

My friends already think I’m too good for you.

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I love to learn of you in metaphor


I love to learn of you in metaphor

the fashionable wares of your nature

undressing my own, unmaking what is

beautiful in the world into beauty.


I had no idea about shoulders or

the inside of elbows, how they could have

their own ideals, or that I would want

to think of ways of praising them like gods.

R. Charboneau


Artwork: Edvard Munch – Man and Woman (1898)