Impression: 20th Arrondissement

I was going through some old writing from when I was backpacking around Europe, and stumbled onto this, which I wrote on the penultimate day of my trip. I’m surprised how much I still like it, especially since it was done in haste, without much reflection, and probably too much wine. I remember my time in France as one of learning about Impressionism, reading Apollinaire and Sartre, and trying new cheeses every day, among other things. Je t’aime, France.


Impression: 20th Arrondissement


Vienne la nuit sonne l’heure

Les jours s’en vont je demeure



Old flat on the 6th floor over Ménilmontant

in the gray blanket of August, I, a flâneur,

retired to the opiate of terrible coffee

and careless snowfall of cigarette ash.


Tomorrow I leave Paris

but the days here remain.

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I love to learn of you in metaphor


I love to learn of you in metaphor

the fashionable wares of your nature

undressing my own, unmaking what is

beautiful in the world into beauty.


I had no idea about shoulders or

the inside of elbows, how they could have

their own ideals, or that I would want

to think of ways of praising them like gods.

R. Charboneau


Artwork: Edvard Munch – Man and Woman (1898)

Ten Ways of Plato Looking at a Triangle



The triangular atom

composing all rectilinear surfaces.

Earth and water are made of triangles.

Fire and air, of smaller triangles.



Fire cuts by the sharpness

of its angles and sides.

You would say it heats up.



Pain is the point of a triangle.

It needles its way into us

sometimes imperceptibly.

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