Spring Alleviate


The day is apparently beautiful

I suppose I should love today

how pigeons pirouette in courtship


and she, flying forth, leaves him

and still he twirls in place, dances on

Why should he not? the day is beautiful


Should sparrows not alight in warm winds

steering and splitting the air like a kite

gliding effortlessly, as playfully as children


who balance on the edge of the riverwalk?

Should they too not also enjoy themselves?

For surely it must be a beautiful day.


Should the robin not be curious of me

brazen and full of courage for crumbs

wondering at the contents of my bag?


Should geese not honk in salutation

and wrens not siren such foreign notes?

Of course. It is a beautiful day

R. Charboneau


Artwork – Pissarro – Springtime in Eragny (1890)

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How Bertran de Born Pleases Me


This was supposed to be a soliloquy

about Bertran de Born, a troubadour from

the twelfth century Limousin. I wanted to start

with his line about springtime pleasing him.

I wanted you to hear de Born like he was

Richard III or Coriolanus begrudging an aside

bloviating on all the pornographies of war

beautiful buckram, helmets and hauberks,

waving gonfalons and brains greasing clubheads.

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