What it Means


The poem tells you what it means

if for instance you drove all the way to buy

a lottery ticket on the California border

because hey you never know about these things,

but there’s a line because nobody’s won yet,

and now the payout is over a billion dollars—

imagine what you could buy with that.

You have to remember you’re at the age

when you’ve started to feel as though

you might’ve missed out on something.

Whatever it is, a billion dollars should cover it

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Amerithon – (I)

Sutro District

“I myself raised them up from out of Nu,  out of watery nothing.”
—The Book of Overthrowing Apep


At Lands End we poise along Roman ruins

of Sutro Baths as on a balance beam.

It is mid-morning and the fog belt peels

off the alameda, where they say

the Yelamu once sang to the sea

singing to Xa-Matutsi who capers

in a sweathouse at the end of the sea.

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He’d gotten as far as Emigrant Gap,

pulling off onto a scenic outlook

beside the pine and granite bowl

of Lake Putt, before turning back.

Only, he thought, it’d be getting dark soon,

a vague notion of appropriate time,

even if what first compelled him was the desire

to drive west till nothing was familiar,

to the last pier into the Pacific.

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