Two Crows on a Telephone Pole


Two crows on a telephone pole

crow about their neighbors, but I

have learned to live alone, I know

none of my neighbors, I stay by

my computer, or by my phone.

I step outside to say hello.

They drop their gazes and start home.

I can only guess what they know.

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Spring Alleviate


The day is apparently beautiful

I suppose I should love today

how pigeons pirouette in courtship


and she, flying forth, leaves him

and still he twirls in place, dances on

Why should he not? the day is beautiful


Should sparrows not alight in warm winds

steering and splitting the air like a kite

gliding effortlessly, as playfully as children


who balance on the edge of the riverwalk?

Should they too not also enjoy themselves?

For surely it must be a beautiful day.


Should the robin not be curious of me

brazen and full of courage for crumbs

wondering at the contents of my bag?


Should geese not honk in salutation

and wrens not siren such foreign notes?

Of course. It is a beautiful day

R. Charboneau


Artwork – Pissarro – Springtime in Eragny (1890)

An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump

I’ve been obsessed with this painting by Joseph Wright of Derby (1734-97) for the last few weeks. I love the use of chiaroscuro in general, and I love how Wright has used it to deify the scientific experiment. I’ve also been reading Boynton’s Beginnings of Modern Science, a collection of the early letters and essays showing the development of major scientific fields of study. I am always in awe of our curiosity and ingenuity as a species.

This poem is also dedicated to Artschaft, whose excellent art criticism has exposed me to lots of new art and artists. I encourage you to have a look at her work.


An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump


And Boyle said let there be the element

primitive and perfectly unmingled body

made of no others nor of each other mixt

of one and only one kind making all things.


I know this because they know this.

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