Amerithon – (V)

Marathon Petroleum

“…one after another, and they produced their multitudinous offspring in this earth.”


There’s no metaphor for the sharp flatness

of the till plains of Findlay Ohio,

but imagine a vast carapace of ice,

some primordial, Pleistocene earth-god,

its being too large to know time,

slumbering like a mountain for eons,

suddenly—not our suddenly, but its—

struck dead by the sum of infinitely

smaller motions of light and gravity.

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Amerithon – (IV)

Omaha Beach

“…and I wept over them, and men and women sprang into being from the tears which came forth from my Eye.”


O vision beheld on Normandy beach,

beheld from the starboard bow flashing,

climbing the cargo nets down to the Higgins.


There I beheld the likeness of all things,

and fell in love so deeply with the past, for I had become intimate with the present.

Was it not like Prometheus and his fire,

green ignus fatuus flashing out of the dawn breaking,

light of the casemate’s lamp, and of sparks that leap from the bridgehead?

Was it not unfurled before me like the wiigwaasabakoon, golden etchings of Ojibwe?

Was it not the same vision you had, Waynaboozhoo, from the shoulder of your dug-out,

as you weathered the Flood a full moon’s time?

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Amerithon – (I)

Sutro District

“I myself raised them up from out of Nu,  out of watery nothing.”
—The Book of Overthrowing Apep


At Lands End we poise along Roman ruins

of Sutro Baths as on a balance beam.

It is mid-morning and the fog belt peels

off the alameda, where they say

the Yelamu once sang to the sea

singing to Xa-Matutsi who capers

in a sweathouse at the end of the sea.

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