Somatic Tutoring


Yawning is a symptom of adderall,

a strange side effect for a stimulant

to be sure, but then, so is staring at a wall

in thoughts unresolved and inapparent

that lure one playfully into thinking,

the way the Cheshire cat entreats Alice

and, having made her curiouser,

disappears his limbs, leaving a puzzle

and catenary grin even more puzzling.

It does not make someone “focus” so much

as it makes them inclined to be focused,

flooding catecholamine receptors,

masquerading as epinephrine, dopamine.

Euphoria is the absence of distractions,

the state of readiness, and readiness is all,

but being unaccustomed to happiness,

or overdosing on it, one forgoes thinking

for feeling itself, and stares at a wall.

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