A collection of poetry from 2017 – 2020. Some of the poems may be found on this blog in various drafts.

Figments is currently available in paperback from Amazon.

God Creates the World by Accident

Something is the easy part.
All it takes is thinking
not even about anything.
It’s always ahead of you
escaping everywhere at once.

What becomes of it afterwards—
how does something like that
happen? I too marvelled
at Brownian choreography
and chatoyance of gases.

Earth floated before Me
like dust in window-light.
I forgot Myself, My breath
stolen I knew not where
but thither I investigated.

A retelling of the lives of Socrates, Plato, and Pericles, told mostly in narrative poems, with fragments from ancient texts.

Available in paperback from Amazon.

The philosopher loves wisdom

the poet beauty. The former

devotes himself to curiosity

the latter to a sense of duty.

But wisdom is beautiful

and beauty makes a soul wise.

The best philosophy is poetic

the best poetry wisdom disguised.