You think one day “What happened to

that band we listened to in high school?”

Instantly a song breaches the surface,

not music but memory, out-of-focus.

God that was years ago. When it played

at the fall dance, some squealing,

some groaning, some with a wry look.

Each of us knew it in our own way.


It turns out nothing happened to them.

It happened that weekend in LA

you drove to see them, there before

the thousands, strutting between the lights.

They lived it, and you saw, and until

now had forgotten, and that was all.

R Charboneau

8 thoughts on “Fame

      1. That’s true. ☺ I had a similar experience recently… sort of… not quite the same. I was looking for a song and came across a band I’d never heard of before. It turned out that this band was no longer producing music under that lable. Under different band names their music had totally changed.

        Long story short I did start to wonder what happened to them, but that’s not exactly the same sort of wondering. 😆

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