On here cause I’ve been told

I can’t be a power couple

without another person.

Whoever said Asian girls

can’t dance never met me.







Brat & Professional Crybaby.

My friends already think I’m too good for you.


Just your average

tequila loving,

festival going,

couch potatoing

white girl.


Optimistic ramen noodle connoisseur.

Likes going to shows

and reading books

and hanging out with mama nature

and pups and

also probably you.

I bartend & work

at a group home for teenagers.

infp. asu student. AMA.


Chemistry Teacher.

Barrel Racer. Chubbyyy.

Shots is my favorite word.


At the risk of sounding

basic, yes,

I love brunch,

traveling and

La Croix.


Probably matched because

I wanna pet your dog.

I live in oversized tees,

camo and combat boots.

Likes to be social but

doesn’t mind staying in.

Will bring my dog on the first date.

I trust her judgement more than my own.

Currently blonde.

Must be down for road trips.


I judge people

on the shows they binge—

where the crime doc lovers at?

This swiping shit is exhausting—

almost as exhausting

as trying to find

your soulmate in real life.

I’m kind of sarcastic.

I love deep conversations

about anything.


I love to do fun stuff,

just looking for good vibes.


Quirky, creative, and short.

I run on candy and caffeine.

I am polyamorous

and have a primary.


If you’re freshly single you

probably shouldn’t be on here,

you should be working on yourself.

Don’t waste our time.

Love outdoor activities!

Just moved to Fernley from TX.


I’m no bootycall!

Looking for something real.

I’m honest and confident.

Can’t handle that

you can’t handle me.

I’m sassy and stubborn

I’m active 23/7. Trying to find

someone who

can keep up. Can you?


Teacher & single mom.

Masters degreed history/politics nerd.

Lift weights 6 days a week because food.

Average fantasy football player.

Witty conversationalist. Not religious.

Trump is a scumbag.

Enjoying being single until

a pretty boy with muscles

and a good job

sweeps me off my feet.


Looking for a husband—nothing serious


First thing’s first, mother

of a two year old.

I don’t regret anything.

Things happen for a reason,

and you have to face

your consequences.

I love to dance

go bowling,

watch movies,

camping, the list goes on.

More of a tea person than coffee person.


Always say I’m done with these apps

but here I am.

Looking for someone who—

has their shit together—

is honest & trustworthy—

is motivated & has goals.

Not looking for someone

who wants to drink & party all the time—

is just looking for a hookup—

but please no pen pals either.


I have a 17 month old son

who is my world.

I love my dogs, they are my other kids.

I went to college for a little

then dropped out

since I had no idea

what I wanted to major in!

I rent my home, I own two cars

& I split my time

between being a stay-at-home mom &

working at a club on weekends.


I have two kids.

They are 5&2.

420 friendly.

Y’all are superficial.

R. Charboneau



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