I’m afraid I might be the Woodcock type.

I too need to poison myself to feel better.

I too cannot tell the difference between

growing colder and growing more earnest.

Better to slave away at your own redemption

than ask someone else to waitress it for you.

But maybe there is someone out there who

knows me well enough to make me slave.

I think I could love a person like that

without ever realizing I was falling in love.

R. Charboneau


2 thoughts on “Poem for Paul Thomas Anderson (For Phantom Thread)

  1. No way, I just watched this movie last week! I wanted to quit on it 20 times, but I somehow made it till the end… And the ending redeemed it. It was worth watching it all and your poem captures it well.

    May I make a suggestion? You repeat “someone” an awful lot – probably on purpose. Wouldn’t it sound better if you replaced it once or twice with “a soul” or some other words?

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