In the beginning was the word

and the word was always the word spoken

and the word that leaves the heart.


In the beginning—which really just means

a very long time ago—the word was spoken

and someone bothered to write it down.


Then it was only a word that had left the heart.

It was there, on the page, looking back at us

speaking without speaking at all.


All it took was someone to come along

and say Yes, this is what it means, look!

This is how the heart must be on the inside.

R. Charboneau



Artwork – Van Gogh – Farmer Sitting at the Fireside and Reading (1881)

7 thoughts on “God Loves to Read

  1. Hallelujah, the Gospel according to Charboneau! This is so much better than going to church. It’s truly amazing and awe-inspiring what power words can hold. They’re metaphors and symbols, and yet we’ve made them part of us.

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