The triangular atom

composing all rectilinear surfaces.

Earth and water are made of triangles.

Fire and air, of smaller triangles.



Fire cuts by the sharpness

of its angles and sides.

You would say it heats up.



Pain is the point of a triangle.

It needles its way into us

sometimes imperceptibly.



Pleasure is two triangles sharing a side,

forming the shape of a house.



A man and a woman and a child are a triangle.



The greatest pleasure is the hypotenuse.

Twice that pleasure is equal to the sum

of the squared pleasures of the other two sides.



The equilateral is the most beautiful

of triangles. All three sides in harmony

like the image of a perfect triangle.



Green isosceles triangles cover the hillside.

The whole hillside is freckled with them.



It is the inequality

of triangles

that desires uniformity.



The beauty of the circle

is the beauty of an infinity

of triangles.

R. Charboneau

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