Thought is the thing you hear while you’re reading.

This, right here, is a thought. Abide it this moment.

Consider what it says to you apart from my words.

It is your own poem overlaying mine, like latticework.

What is it saying to you about me? Such a thing

I’ve been curious about for a long time now.

In what ways, I wonder, is it like my own?

R. Charboneau

9 thoughts on “Mine Says To Me

  1. Makes me think of a crinkle tubes and kaleidoscopes.

    i love the fact you used latticework,
    layered yet see through
    almost appearing infinite.

    well penned.

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    1. Thank you so much. You’re right, it’s very metacognitive. And I think you’re absolutely right: thinking about why you love what you do is a great way to improve your talents and skills. It also helps communicate your passion to others.

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