In the Lallan Tongue,

After Robert Burns


I hae na friend ava tonight,

Nor bonie gal wi her ain breast

That wad o held my head sae tight,

Tho alane be nae warst nae best.

A bairn builds his ain companie,

An fills himsel’ wi wha he thirsts.

Sae e’enin’, JB an me

May na be best, but nae the warst.


Still, there’s leesome luve by my lane

When a’ the warld fa’ that I have.

Wha’s drucken an daft knows how ane

Makes himsel’ woods, sea, lift an lave.


I gat a couthie heart that wots,

When I’m fu’, how to jauk an yearn

Winsomely, alane wi my thoughts,

An wots, when I’m gaun, my warld stops,

To gi’e anither his ain turn.

R. Charboneau

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